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Are You Following Hydrogen Storage Materials Research?

Did you read this hydrogen storage review? Thermodynamic Tuning of Mg-Based Hydrogen Storage Alloys: A Review Min Zhu, Yanshan Lu, Liuzhang Ouyang and Hui Wang Materials 2013, 6, 4574-4608; doi:10.3390/ma6104574

The article summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of altering the thermodynamics of Mg/MgH2 by alloying, nanostructuring, and changing the reaction pathway.

Hydrogen Storage Alloys Prepared by High-energy Milling

Have you read Hydrogen Storage Alloys Prepared by High-energy Milling

Two classes of the alloys were studied: AB2 type with atomic composition of (Ti0.5Zr0.5) (V0.68Mn0.68Cr0.34Ni0.7) and AB5 type with atomic composition of (Ce0.63La0.37)(Ni3.55Al0.3Mn0.4 Co0.75).

M. Staszewski, A. Sierczyńska, M. Kamińska, M. Osadnik, M. Czepelak, P. Swoboda, Hydrogen storage alloys prepared by high-energy milling, Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 44/2 (2011) 154-160.

Attend 2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

  • April 7-8, 2015
  • Moscone West San Francisco, California
  • Meeting Chairs: Artur Braun, Hongyou Fan, Ken Haenen, Lia Stanciu, Jeremy A. Theil



Planning to attend this year’s Materials Research Society Spring Meeting? See Eutectix at Booth 511 and let’s see what we can do together! Drop by the booth to meet Dr. John de Neufville. Visitors will have a special opportunity to guess the composition of one of our alloys and win a prize. We look forward to seeing you there.