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Eutectix Supports H.R. 1407 METALS Act

Hunter Introduces H.R. 1407 METALS Act to Curtail U.S. Dependence on Foreign-Sourced Strategic and Critical Materials

Eutectix supports H.R. 1407 to incentivize the U.S. military to obtain rare earth materials made in America.

Eutectix operates factories in Arizona and Michigan that manufacture rare earth materials critical to military and industrial manufacturing. Eutectix acquired these facilities after market factors drove both predecessor companies to bankruptcy leaving China as the dominant supplier.

Eutectix has retained our capability for making these products, but has lost a substantial amount of our magnet alloy powder and rare earth conversion businesses. Eutectix currently makes many other high purity alloy products, such as superalloy rods or master alloys and hydrogen storage alloys.

Eutectix acquired facilities in Troy, Michigan from the Canadian junior mining concern, Great Western Minerals Group, Ltd in May, 2014. In April of 2016, we acquired the former MolyCorp Metals and Alloys plant in Tolleson, Arizona. The Tolleson plant had ceased operating in December of 2015 and had been busy processing samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnet alloy powders and iron neodymium boron (FeNdB) magnet powders. Eutectix has production capability to convert rare earth (and scandium) oxides and fluorides to high purity metal in its Tolleson plant.

We support the notion that the U.S. must increase its competitiveness in the market for rare earth elements and advanced materials.

We urge congress to take meaningful action to

  • reduce rare earth materials supply risk
  • level the playing field for rare earth materials and value added products made from them

Eutectix Tolleson Facility Celebrates 20 Years without a Lost Time Accident

Eutectix recently celebrated 20 years no time lost accidents at its Tolleson Arizona manufacturing facilities. Its facilities in Tolleson Arizona were first established in 1966 by Nuclear Corporation of America.

This plant has operated 20 years without a time lost accident.

This plant has operated 20 years without a time lost accident.

Our most important priority is the well-being of the dedicated and talented people that work together at Eutectix. They bring life to our company and prosperity to our community. We have a responsibility to make the most of the opportunity for our colleagues and ourselves. Focus on safety, quality, continuous improvement, and staff development make Eutectix a trusted supplier and an excellent place to work.

Eutectix, LLC manufactures superalloys, and custom rare earth metals and alloys using vacuum induction melting. It supplies high purity ingots and powder for advanced applications in hydrogen storage, magnets, batteries, and additive manufacturing.

Eutectix operates production facilities in Tolleson Arizona and Troy Michigan.