Custom Processing



Eutectix offers custom processing of novel materials to customer specifications; research and development; scale up to full production; and consulting services.

Eutectix Troy operates three large vacuum induction melting furnaces for alloy and rare earth materials manufacture. A 500 lb. capacity furnace and two 1,000 pound furnaces provide redundancy and emergency backup. Smaller lab-scale melting furnaces are utilized for research and for testing materials prior to scale up. Six furnaces in Tolleson range in capacity from 100 lbs. to 600 lbs. and the two largest of these are equipped for strip casting.

In-house analysis of alloys helps speed development and reduce time to market. Eutectix metal processing services include powdered metal recovery and reprocessing; vacuum annealing; and powdered metal production  using inert atmosphere grinding, crushing and hydriding. Our facilities are specially equipped for handling hydrogen and processing reactive metal alloys, metal powders and pyrophoric metal materials under vacuum or inert atmospheres.