Rare Earth Metals

yttrium foil

yttrium foil

Eutectix manufactures high purity rare earth metals in rods, foil or ingot form and as sputtering targets.

The rare earth metals are those elements in the lanthanide series, atomic numbers 57 through 71 and scandium (atomic number 21) and yttrium (atomic number 39).

Please consult with us if you have special requirements or are interested in powders. In general, the specifications for most of the rare earth materials are 99.9% REM, excluding Ta.  Some rare earths will not have Ta.

Typical foil thicknesses can range between 0.001 up to 0.06” thick.  As thickness increases the material is machined differently and we refer to them as targets.

This is a list of readily available rare earth metals we manufacture.

Ce cerium
Dy dysprosium
Er erbium
Eu europium
Gd Gadolinium
Ho Holmium
La lanthanum
Lu lutetium
Nd neodymium
Pr praseodymium
Sm samarium
Sc scandium
Tb terbium
Tm thulium
Yb ytterbium
Y yttrium