Metal Alloys

Eutectix LLC metal alloys for aerospace, hydrogen storage and magnets are used in a wide range of applications including aircraft, batteries, electronics, electrochemistry, magnets, superalloys and 3D printing. Eutectix LLC develops and sells high purity alloys and master alloys, rare earth alloys.  Eutectix metal alloy products include nickel metal hydride,  nickel calcium, cobalt aluminum titanium, aluminum scandium.

Manufacturing Facilities

Eutectix vacuum induction melting and hydriding facilities produce high purity alloys for demanding requirements. Founded in 2014, the Troy Michigan factory, formerly part of Energy Conversion Devices, has  extensive  production capacity for inert atmosphere grinding, hydriding, vacuum annealing and alloying. The Tolleson Arizona manufacturing plant processes rare earth materials and was acquired from Molycorp in 2015. Read about our history or find out more about our capabilities.

Eutectix Factory
Eutectix Factory

About Eutectix

Eutectix, LLC manufactures and processes metal alloys and battery electrodes at its facilities in Troy Michigan and manufactures rare earth elements and rare earth alloys at its Tolleson Arizona factory.  Its custom alloys are used as additives for manufacturing high tolerance specialty alloys and for hydrogen storage, battery, and magnet applications. Current production has focused on hydrogen reactive metals, oxygen scavenging alloys and magnetic alloys.

Eutectix LLC was founded in 2014 by Dr. John de Neufville, CEO, Dr. Henry Lee, Interim COO,  Thomas Smith, CFO, and Robert Russotti. All four founders of Eutectix worked together at Voltaix, Inc., a leading manufacturer of gases and chemicals for the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.

De Neufville, Lee and Russotti were formerly employed by Energy Conversion Devices which was the original parent, via its Ovonic Battery Company subsidiary, of the Great Western Troy operations. They founded Voltaix in 1986. The Chief Executive Officer of Eutectix, John de Neufville, was formerly a Vice President and Director of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., the Chief Executive Officer of the Ovonic Battery Company and the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Scientist of Voltaix, Inc.

John de Neufville, Henry Lee and Robert Russotti (from left to right)