Inert Atmosphere Grinding Services

Inert atmosphere grinding produces powder from rare earth alloys and other metal alloys. A high speed mill operated under argon or nitrogen atmosphere produces fine metal alloy powder. End to end inert atmosphere handling prevents oxidation of reactive and pyrophoric metal alloys. Integrated mesh sieves classify the powdered metal into fractions. Coarser fractions are recovered and re-ground. This grinding and classification achieves particle sizes of under 40 microns and uniform particle size distribution.

Particle size directly affects friction between particles and the flow characteristics of powder. Smaller particles generally have greater friction.

Our grind facilities include two explosion-proofed grind rooms w/ dedicated bag-house. Annual output combined ~1M lbs. moderately friable w/ a density 7 – 8 g/cm3 ).

Shutte Buffalo Grinder
Shutte Buffalo Grinder

Eutectix operates two inert atmosphere Vortex grind systems with 1M lb./yr. capacity (Ar,N; 0.5% O2 limit,650 lb. capacity to -400 mesh using high speed rotor with impact blocks) and a Schutte Buffalo Hammermill System (200 lb. capacity, 2000 RPM w/ oxygen monitoring system) housed inside dedicated explosion-proofed rooms.

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