Metal Alloy Products

metal alloy

Metal alloys based on titanium, vanadium, aluminum, cobalt, copper, iron, and nickel are manufactured with low interstitial impurities. These high purity metal alloys are used when common grades cannot meet the purity specifications for certain advanced applications.

Eutectix LLC metal alloys are produced in the following compositions – custom made to your exact specifications.  This is a list of readily available high purity metal alloys we manufacture.

AB2 where A is titanium and/or vanadium and B is zirconium or nickel, modified with chromium, cobalt, iron, and/or manganese.
AlNi aluminum nickel alloy (catalyst)  CAS 12635-27-7
AlNiCo aluminum nickel cobalt alloy
CoAlTi cobalt aluminum titanium alloy
CuTi copper titanium alloy  CAS 99652-26-3
FeCuAlCo iron copper aluminum cobalt alloy – add niobium
FeSi iron silicon alloy
FeTiAl iron titanium aluminum alloy
FeTiMn iron titanium manganese alloy
Ni5Ca nickel calcium alloy
NiMg nickel magnesium alloy  CAS 12057-65-7
NiV nickel vanadium alloy