Nickel Magnesium Master Alloy

Nickel Magnesium Alloy (17%) — NiMg

Nickel Magnesium NiMg Master Alloy
Nickel Magnesium Master Alloy
Nickel magnesium alloy is an alloy of nickel and magnesium containing silicon used primarily for introducing magnesium into iron. The introduction of magnesium promotes the  formation of spheroidal graphite and improves the tensile strength, ductility, fatigue resistance and toughness of the iron. The silicon prevents carbon from reacting with iron.
Major Components
Magnesium 17.0 ± 1.0 Wt %
Nickel Balance
Trace Elements Specification (wt%) Typical (wt%)
Aluminum <0.05 <0.005
Manganese <0.02 <0.002
Iron <0.1 <0.02
Silicon <0.5 <0.002
Others <0.01 ND
 ND <.001%
Interstitial Impurities Specification (wt%) Typical (wt%)
Carbon <0.05 <0.005
Sulfur <0.01 <0.001
• Eutectix Nickel Magnesium alloys are prepared from high purity Nickel (99.97%) and Magnesium (99.9%) specially selected for low interstitial impurity levels. The alloy is slag-free and of bright, shiny appearance.
• Each lot is accompanied by fully traceable major and minor elemental analyses.
• Variations in the major component concentration specification are available on request, as are the particle size distribution specifications for powdered versions of these alloys.
• Available at levels between 5-18 wt%.
• Standard Form 2” or less
• Available as powder on request
•Standard Packaging double bagged and drummed under inert atmosphere
Download the Nickel Magnesium Data Sheet (PDF)