Company History

Eutectix, LLC formed in May 2014 when it acquired the former Ovonic Materials manufacturing facilities at 1864 Northwood Drive Troy Michigan from Great Western Minerals Group. Great Western Minerals Group operated the facilities as Great Western Technologies Inc. (GWTI) from 2007.

  • 2018 Eutectix acquires Materion Bulk Metallic Glass business
  • 2016 Eutectix acquires Molycorp Metals and Alloys
  • 2014 Eutectix acquires Great Western Technologies, Inc. GWTI
  • 2012 BASF acquires OBC
  • 2011 Molycorp Minerals LLC acquires SAI and forms Molycorp Metals and Alloys, Inc.
  • 2009 SB LiMotive acquires Cobasys
  • 2007 GWMG acquires Ovonic Materials facilities from ECD
  • 2004 Cobasys forms
  • 2000 Chevron – Texaco buys GM interest in GM Ovonic forms JV with ECD Ovonics called Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems & adds TO Hydrogen Systems and TO Fuel Cell Company
  • 1999 Baotou Steel RE Hi-Tech forms JV to manufacture NiMH
  • 1999 Santoku America, Inc. SAI purchases Rhodia Rare Earths metals and alloys business
  • 1998 Sanyo buys 3% stake in GM Ovonic
  • 1998 Research Chemicals becomes part of Rhodia Rare Earths, Inc.
  • 1996 Ni(OH)2 manufacture begins – Honda buys 2% stake
  • 1994 GM Ovonic JV for EV1
  • 1988 Rhône¬Poulenc, Inc.purchases Research Chemicals
  • 1985 ECD purchases ANR share of OBC
  • 1982 ECD and ANR form OBC as JV
  • 1978 ARCO funds R&D in hydrogen storage & PV
  • 1966 Nuclear Corporation of America (NUCOR) establishes Research Chemicals

History of NiMH Batteries – Patent Encumbrance of Large Automotive NiMH Batteries