Nickel Vanadium Master Alloy

Nickel Vanadium Alloy (52%) — NiV

Major Components
Vanadium 52.0 ± 0.5 Wt %
Nickel Balance
Trace Elements Specification (wt%) Typical (wt%)
Aluminum <0.05 <0.1
Silicon <0.20 <0.10
Titanium <0.01 <0.005
Zirconium <0.002 <0.001
Others <0.01 ND
 ND <.001%
Interstitial Impurities Specification (wt%) Typical (wt%)
Oxygen <0.10 <0.05
Carbon <0.04 <0.02
 Nitrogen <0.02  <0.01
 Sulfur  <0.01  <0.005
• Eutectix Nickel Vanadium alloys are prepared from high purity Nickel (99.97%) and Vanadium (99.9%) specially selected for low interstitial impurity levels. The alloy is slag-free and of bright, shiny appearance.
• Each lot is accompanied by fully traceable major and minor elemental analyses.
• Variations in the vanadium concentration specification are available on request, as are the particle size distribution specifications for powdered versions of these alloys.
• Nickel vanadium alloys are used to incorporate vanadium in steel to improve tensile strength and other properties; have application in shape memory alloys, magnets and semiconductors.
• Standard Form 2” or less
• Available as powder on request
• Standard Packaging double bagged and drummed under inert atmosphere
Download the Nickel Vanadium Data Sheet (PDF)